With all you have to do as a business owner, there are probably a number of facets regarding your company’s website that you either do not have time for and/or totally comprehend.

If you find yourself in that situation, make sure you either take the time or hire the right individuals (in-house or outsourced) to manage such tasks.

As more and more business owners have discovered in recent years, a comprehensive and well-run website can mean the difference between average traffic and revenue and solid traffic and financial gains.


Coding and Compliance Shouldn’t Be Taken for Granted

One of the important aspects of having a good business website is to know the ins and outs of coding. When you have content, products, services and more on your site, proper headlines, titles, tags etc. are critical to getting viewers to come and stay on your site for more than just mere seconds.

If you are in the process of construction your business website or looking to enhance it, making sure viewers do not get hung up with slow speeds and ultimately continuous crashing etc. is critical.

In order to improve upon this, look at things like images for starters.

You can decrease the colors in GIF files and optimize SWF files to improve things. Another area to focus in on is decreasing the white space, along with crunching CSS and JavaScript, allowing you to better optimize your site.

Optimizing your site is a necessity also when it comes to those with disabilities.

As stated by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), companies and non-profit services providers are required to make accessibility accommodations to allow those who are disabled to access the same services as customers without disabilities.

Given the ADA applies to companies with 15 or more employees, even smaller businesses can benefit from this by being ADA compliant, thereby increasing the chances of gaining more customers, while ultimately lowering your liability.

To make sure your website is ADA compliant, look at: all images, video and audio files, plug-ins etc. to make sure they have an alt tag; check to see that alt descriptions note the intended purpose of the objects; for images also being used as a link, make sure the alt tag properly details the graphic and link destination; and make sure you’ve added captions to both videos and that you have properly added audio details.


Properly Tagging

Another area to zero in on is HTML meta tags (descriptions of around 160 characters or less), which are officially page data tags resting in between the open and closing head tags situated in the HTML code for all documents.

Make sure your meta tags provide a fast summary of your website’s content, provide readers with a reason to read the content, and are 160 characters or less.

You should also be up to speed on robot tags and cleaning up those tags which are simply outdated.

You can utilize robots exclusion protocol in order to prohibit search engines from crawling and/or indexing your site’s content, using a robots meta tag to do just that.

If you use a no-index robots meta tag on the page, this permits Googlebot to crawl the page, yet not index the page contents or display the URL when it comes to search results.


Photo Optimizing and Compression

Finally, images are an important and likely big part of your website. As a result, know how to properly use them.

It is important to make sure you resize, compress and optimize all of your image files. By using a number of the different services out there, you can have optimized images that are better suited for things such as web pages and email attachments, ultimately making for better website storage.

Another important item not to overlook is video optimization.

With video optimization, you better enhance the overall consumer viewing experience for any and all videos on your website. Doing so allows you to decrease video start times and/or re-buffering events. This also allows you to drop the amount of time needed with the amount of network bandwidth consumed in video sessions.

Just like anything else with your business website, if it involves too much work and ultimately too much frustration for visitors, you traffic numbers will be negatively impacted.

From codes to images and videos, these are just a handful of very important areas of your business site that need your attention on a regular basis.