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Why You Need Code Optimization

With all you have to do as a business owner, there are probably a number of facets regarding your company’s website that you either do not have time for and/or totally comprehend. If you find yourself in that situation, make sure you either take the time or hire the right individuals (in-house or outsourced) to […]

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How to Write Irresistible Call to Action Copy

When writing call-to-action copy, it is best to not oversell the product or service. One strategy is for to start by creating copy relevant to the problem that the product or service relates to. For instance, if you are selling fertilizer, you will want to begin by addressing the problems that fertilizers can help with […]

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Monthly Benchmark Reports

Monthly Benchmark Reports Whether you run your own business or do marketing work for a company (sometimes you may find yourself doing both), it is important to have your business website out there for consumers to see. With all the competition that is ongoing in today’s business world for each and every consumer dollar, having […]

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    "Tekcopia goes above and beyond to make sure we're satisfied with our website. We are getting more and more patients who find us online." - Dr. Greg Stone
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